Over time, the fabric on your precious furniture gets worn and dated. However, this doesn’t have to mean that you should give up your pieces with sentimental value. The skilled craftsmen at VS Design will bring your favorite furniture back to life while keeping its authentic design.

Sofa Upholstery

Don’t get rid of your expensive sofa just because the fabric is worn out. Our artisans will strip your sofa down to its wooden frame, inspect, and fix any flaws. We will also replace the worn-out padding for maximum comfort, covering it with carefully chosen versatile fabric that suits your preference.

Chair Upholstery

Our craftsmen are experts in chair upholstery, making your luxurious chairs look brand new again. We will carefully remove the old fabric from your elegant chairs and replace it with top-quality material that matches your interior style.

Headboard Upholstery

Your dated bed frame will get a modern twist with our headboard upholstery services. This simple update will make your master bedroom look more elegant and refined without costing much.

Cushion Upholstery / Custom Cushions

We manufacture custom cushions for any furniture piece and by any provided design. Sofa cushions, bay window cushions, coach cushions and even cushions for pregnancy. You can also refurbish your old cushions by bringing / sending it to our shop for reupholstery.

Antique Furniture Upholstery & Restoration

Do you own an antique furniture from another generation? Or another century? Don’t dispose your valuable pieces, restore them for collectors or your own authentic house interior! VS Design & Upholstery will get them back to original look – or make them look better!

We upholster and reupholster antique chairs, coaches, beds, ottomans and more. Contact for estimate!

Sofas Upholstery


    Upholstery Specialties

    RV upholstery

    If you are tired of your RV interior’s old and dated appearance, don’t mind contacting VS Design. The RV upholstery specialists will replace the sun-damaged fabrics and uncomfy cushions and have your RV prepared for the summer vacations in no time. This will give your camper a new appearance without having to pay for costly remodeling.

    Boat Upholstery (Marine Upholstery)

    The boat upholstery is exposed to sun, water, and wind, which speeds up the deterioration process. When you aren’t keen on the worn-out look, our boat upholstery services will restore the interior to a pristine state. We work with fabrics specially designed to withstand the humid conditions and provide you with the utmost comfort while still being cohesive with the interior style.


    Whether you want to be eco-friendly or don’t like buying new furniture because of low quality, the furniture reupholstery service will match your expectations. Our skilled craftsmen will enhance the comfort without sacrificing aesthetics or sentimental value. You can choose among the wide range of premium fabrics, available in many colors and patterns.

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      Upholstery Specialties

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Reupholstering won’t reduce the value of most antique furnishings. However, improper reupholstery can reduce the value of your fine antique piece. Make sure to work with a professional to avoid this. Pieces crafted by famous artisans might decrease if you refinish them since their value lies in the person who made it, not the appearance.

      Reupholstering your old furniture isn’t cheaper than buying new. However, it is a great way to restore your quality heirloom pieces with sentimental value. Upholstering your old furniture might be more feasible in the long run. Nowadays, the market is saturated with cheap and mass-produced furniture which isn’t durable. Reupholstering your quality pieces brings them a fresh and updated look while you get to enjoy the quality you have overpaid.
      You can reupholster over the existing material only if the new fabric comes in a darker color. If you want to reupholster over the existing fabric, make sure that the furniture has been stored at a dry location. Humidity can cause mold growth in the batting, so you want to strip the piece and change the batting before covering it with the chosen fabric.
      Recovering refers to the process of covering the old fabric with a new one. On the other hand, reupholstering is a more extensive process. It includes removing the old upholstery, replacing the worn parts, replacing the batting, and covering the furniture with a new fabric. You will have completely new furniture.
      • Polyfoam is durable and light, making it an excellent choice for cushions
      • Super soft foam is ideal for furniture backing and as an extra mattress layer for additional comfort
      • For chairs and benches we use high-density foam from different suppliers
      • Dryfast foam is a particular type of foam designed to drain and dry quickly, ideal for your patio seating
      • Cotton is a durable natural material but is prone to staining
      • Leather or faux leather is a timeless upholstery fabric that will give your home a refined feel
      • Wool is a high-quality fabric that will stand the test of time and won’t pile or stretch
      • Linen looks classy and is versatile but is prone to wrinkling and is difficult to clean
      • Polyester is an affordable option that is wrinkle-free
      • If you have pets, we would recommend to choose from these easy maintenance fabrics:
      • Leather has a smooth surface making it easier to remove pet hair
      • Microfiber can be easily cleaned with water and soap, so you don’t need to worry about stains
      • Polyester allows you to remove the pet hair with a microfiber cloth easily
      The cleaning process will depend on your chosen upholstery fabric. Microfiber should be vacuumed and cleaned with a special upholstery cleaner. For leather, start with vacuuming and make sure to use a special leather product. Make sure to keep liquids to a minimum since leather is prone to mold.
      Cotton velvet is a high-quality and durable material perfect for upholstery. Its matte finish and short pile are versatile enough to fit various styles. Also, you don’t need to worry about cleaning since this isn’t one of the high-maintenance fabrics. You can easily clean the cotton velvet with a vacuum cleaner or a damp cloth.
      Yes, you can reupholster the patio furniture to bring back the spotless look. The outdoor furniture is exposed to sunlight, changing temperatures, and humidity. Therefore you should choose a suitable upholstery fabric to ensure longevity and a pristine look. Synthetic fabrics such as acrylic is an ideal choice for your patio furniture since they will repel moisture. VS Upholstery carries special upholstery fabric from Sunbrella brand.