Custom Furniture

  • Looking for custom pieces that fit your unique space and interior design?

  • Can’t find furniture that suits your specific taste?

  • Do you need unique filming industry accessories that can’t be found at stores (movie sets / props)?

If you relate to any of these, then you can lean on VS Design & Upholstery’s team of highly skilled experts. We design and produce custom-made furniture that perfectly fits your space and interior style. The carefully crafted pieces are made to stay for years to come and become part of your family legacy or designer’s portfolio.

Our Handmade Furniture Specialties:

  • Custom Headboards

  • Custom Sectionals & Sofa Beds

  • Kitchen Banquet / Benches

  • Bay Window Bench & Custom Coverage / Cushions

  • Loveseats by Design

Why choose us for your custom furniture design & manufacturing?

  • Premium quality. The precise engineering process, together with premium materials, is the key to crafting classic pieces that stand the test of time.
  • Refined design. Our skilled designers work with the utmost attention to detail to ensure your satisfaction. Each and every piece that comes out of our workshop is designed to satisfy your aesthetic standards.
  • Perfect size. We understand that store-bought furniture isn’t the best fit for your space, so we build it according to the room’s particular size parameters. This will help you optimize your layout and achieve a balanced look. Whether you need sofas, chairs, or drawers, be sure that our craftsmen will produce the perfect fit for your specific dimensions.
  • Fit your style. Finding the right piece that fits your style in stores is challenging, and you want to avoid clashing styles. Whether you need antique, mid-century modern, traditional, or any other style, be sure that we will meet your needs. Our designer team will sketch and execute the aesthetics that fit your current interior style.

If you need unique furniture that conveys your personal style, make sure to work with a reputable and reliable company. The VS design pros are available for answering any questions, giving tips, or helping you find the right fit for your interior style. Feel free to drop a message now!


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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Custom furniture is specially designed to fit your needs. The furniture will fit the space’s dimensions, allowing maximum space efficiency. Also, you have plenty of freedom to come up with a unique design that will perfectly match your interior style. On the other hand, mass-produced furniture comes with lower quality and doesn’t allow customization.

      Yes, custom-made furniture is more expensive when compared to mass-produced furniture. The effort put into designing the furniture and getting high-quality materials justified the price tag. You will be sure that your precious furniture will last for years to come while admiring a unique piece that no one else has.

      Ready-made furniture is mass-produced, and you can’t request customization. Every part is shaped with a machine, so there is no space for adjustment. If you want a bespoke piece that matches your space’s dimensions and style, you should opt for custom-made furniture.

      Building custom furniture can take anywhere between 6 to 10 weeks. Lead time is the time needed to create the requested furniture and have it delivered and assembled in your home. Discuss the lead time with your contractor, as it depends on many factors.

      Reproduction furniture is a copy of antique furnishing styles. It isn’t an antique piece but rather a copy that resembles its antique counterparts. The reproduction furniture will add charm and personality to any space without the hefty price tag that you would typically pay for an antique piece.
      • Interior designers looking for custom prices that fit their vision
      • Industrial and office designers looking to boost productivity and efficiency
      • Moviemakers and theater stage decorators looking for furniture that fits their heme
      • Large-size spaces like restaurants, hotels, or banquet halls
      • Surprisingly many homeowners looks for custom furniture pieces they have in mind
      • Coming up with the design that suits the customer’s needs
      • Choosing the materials and sourcing them
      • Crafting the piece using a wide variety of tools
      • Finishing and polishing the custom made pieces

      Only occasionally. This is a temporary investment, because:

      • This furniture will likely have a short lifespan
      • Kids grow fast, and furniture sizes won’t match in 2-3 years
      • There are plenty of thematic children furniture premade and available online and dedicated stores

      Thus many parents prefer to order ready made specialized children furniture