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Antique chairs always have a special place in everyone’s heart. They may be old and wobbly, the fabric may have some tear on the seat or the back may be broken but antique chairs often have so many characters, lifetime memories, and marks; that is why when it comes to old chairs we always find a way to repurpose them.

Here are some top ideas to avoid throwing antique chairs away:

1. Create a Bench

Depending on how big you want it to be, you can create a beautiful bench using two or more antique chairs. You can repaint, sand them down or just leave them be for a more rustic look. You can also create a custom design cushion that will cover them and link them together making a nifty-looking bench.

2. Make a Swing

If you’ve got an old chair that has broken legs you can turn It into an outdoor or indoor swing. The kids will surely love it, and adults too. You can also make a swing for the whole family if you’ve got a couple more. All you need is a sturdy rope and of course a solid tree.

3. Make a Doggie bed

This is an exciting idea, your dog will surely love you more! They love to jump into chairs, right? so why not use that old chair with a broken leg to make a dog bed? To make one, cut the legs off and add a nice cushion. A chair with arms works extremely well because the arms make a nice chin rest for your adorable dog.

4. Restore

Do you want to bring back the old look of your antique chairs before they got wobbly and shabby?

One of the most satisfying experiences is to repair and restore antique furniture to its peak brilliance. Modern furniture generally decreases in value and often deteriorates faster than antiques. Therefore, reupholstering antique chairs can be a wiser investment because their value unlike newer ones, has more potential to increase over time for the reason that antiques have a varied past or historical significance.

If you have extra time and want some fun, there are countless “Do It Yourself” YouTube tutorials on how to repair and refinished antique chairs. Better yet, let professional Furniture Upholstery experts handle the restoration for you, saving you time and effort.

5. Redesign

The easiest way to give your antique chair a makeover is by reupholstering them. The chairs may be a decade old already, nevertheless, it is exciting to give them a new life or to present them in a new and interesting way. If you are doing some interior remodeling for your home, you may be thinking of a new color change, new design, or a more contemporary look and feel like the antique chairs are out of style. There is certainly no reason to dump it in landfills, instead talk to an expert upholstery professional to guide you in choosing the right fabric that will suit your current style.

6. Selling to Antique Collectors

If you have finally decided to let go of some of your great-great-grandmother’s chairs that’s been collecting dust in your attic for years, your best bet is to sell them specifically to antique collectors by connecting to antique stores or auction houses, or putting up listings on e-commerce sites like Ruby Lane, eBay, or Etsy.

7. Rent it out to Movie Makers

Toronto is the international hub for movie industries across entire North America. Most filmmakers come to shoot scenes here, that is why there is a great demand for movie props. If you want to earn extra income while keeping the great antique chair then renting it out to Movie Makers would be your best choice. You can list your items on various online stores that are based here in Toronto like Kijiji, Legacy Vintage, and many more; or you can connect with local movie production companies. Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn can also bring your antique chairs in front of people that are in real-time looking for movie props to rent. Imagine how cool it would be to tell your friends that your chair was being seated by one of the best actors in Hollywood.

8. Donating to Community Centers

There is nothing more fulfilling than the feeling of happiness and a sense of empowerment when you help others in need. Sure thing! You could sell your old chair, but if you are a person that will rather give to someone who is in most need then no one here is stopping you. There are various nonprofit local organizations across GTA that accepts a variety of used furniture items like Furniture Bank, The Salvation Army, Just Junk, Red Door Family Shelter, and Habitat for Humanity; some of these organization even offer free pick up from your home.

In short, there are plenty of interesting things to do with antique chairs, instead of letting them waste away in a landfill, it’s worth considering these more exciting options.

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